Home Brewed IPA

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Added on: Jan 14 2012

Home Brewed IPA

Ingredients needed to make a Home Brewed IPA

Home Brewed IPA

Home Brewed IPA Cocktail Recipe Directions

Receive Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA brew kit follow directions mash strain, boil & hop, wait, prep bottles to hold beer, buy bottle caps and bottle capper, move from fermenting jug to bottles, wait, then enjoy

tedvilla's Notes

I got a home brewing kit from my brother. I cooked this up just before Thanksgiving and it was ready just after New Year's. I honestly didn't expect much, but it was quite good and I am happy with it for a first try at brewing. It's similar to Sierra Nevada, and I want to try brewing again -- I've got to amortize my cap/capper costs, and hone my craft in case my current thing doesn't pan out ;-).

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JakJericho said:

The waiting is the hardest part.

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barkeep said:

This is awesome. It's one thing to create new cocktails and use new ingredients but it's quite a different story when you take months to build a beverage. Bravo!