Hill Farmstead Edward Pale Ale

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Hill Farmstead Edward Pale Ale

Ingredients needed to make a Hill Farmstead Edward Pale Ale

American Pale Ale brewed in VT

Hill Farmstead Edward Pale Ale Cocktail Recipe Directions

order and enjoy

tedvilla's Notes

Delicious American Ale. Brewed in N. Grensboro, VT and only available in VT. I enjoyed this with a friend of mine in VT after driving up to his place to play hockey. We grabbed a couple of snorts at a watering hole in Waterbury. It's a really, nice, really smooth brew. It's part of their "ancestral series" in which they name beers after relatives. They've lived on the land where the brewery is for 220 years. Very cool.


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tedvilla said:

@jakjericho it not super hopped at all for an American ale. If you\'re ever in the green mountain state and see it its worth a try -- at least a sample.

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JakJericho said:

I like the history,...but not the hops. I'd go with their brown offerring.