Gin & Tonic

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Added on: Nov 21 2011

Gin & Tonic

Ingredients needed to make a Gin & Tonic

Breuckelen Distilling Gin
Q Tonic
Lime Wedge

Gin & Tonic Cocktail Recipe Directions

You all know how to make a G&T

tedvilla's Notes

I found this gin in a Brooklyn liquor store. It's distilled by a young guy who bought a high end German still and set up shop in Sunset Park. The gin is very interesting. Alone, it is very piney and green -- almost like pine pitch. Mix w/ tonic and it mellows out and takes on vanilla notes. The tonic I used here is a high end tonic -- it has champagne carbonation and natural quinine, and no HFCS (it also costs $6.99/bottle). This was a really unique and different G&T -- it's all about the ingredients.

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Bartender said:

Much acclaim to you @tedvilla !! This is just great. Bravo.

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JakJericho said:

This may be your most novel and high quality upload yet. It may be top shelf, but still cheaper than any bar in NYC!! Any idea if this gin in available in Boston??