French Vodka Martini

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Added on: Apr 17 2011

French Vodka Martini

Ingredients needed to make a French Vodka Martini

2 1/2 oz Grey Goose Vodka
1/2 Extra Dry Vermouth
Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives

French Vodka Martini Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix vodka and vermouth in a shaker of ice. Chill down a martini glass. Shake the alcohol mixture and pour into glass. Garnish with bleu cheese stuffed olives.

MixMaster's Notes

@Bartender gave me the idea for the olives when he posted the Feta stuffed variety in his MediTini. The bleu cheese bleeds a milky opaque look into the glass. The flavor in delectable.

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JakJericho said:

I just picked up a bottle of Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives this past weekend. Can't wait to break it open.