English Mule

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Added on: Nov 23 2011

English Mule

Ingredients needed to make a English Mule

2.5 oz tea infused vodka
ginger beer
angostura bitters

English Mule Cocktail Recipe Directions

In a pint glass with ice add vodka and a dash of bitters. Fill with ginger beer. Garnish with lemon.

ForrestFrazier's Notes

Nice twist on the Moscow Mule.

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barkeep said:

Most bars are making their own infusions now and black tea vodka is one of the most simple to make.

You will need 1 tablespoon black tea ( I like Darjeeling) and 1 750 Mil bottle of quality vodka

Add tea to vodka and shake to combine. Set aside for 3 hours to infuse. Strain out tea and store vodka in a cool, dark place until ready to use.

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Bartender said:

What vodka is infused with tea other than Absolut Boston, which by the way, is sadly discontinued?

Great drink.