East West Connection

Added by: ForrestFrazier
Added on: Sep 15 2011

East West Connection

Ingredients needed to make a East West Connection

3oz Plymouth gin
3oz stolichnaya vodka
1 dash bitters

East West Connection Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix all in a shaker with ice.

ForrestFrazier's Notes

Numbs you after fighting the cold war all day.

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Latest Comments about East West Connection

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ForrestFrazier said:

I guess this should have been a double but I was pressed for time and wanted something stiff so I build a big beverage. Plymouth is making a big splash on the cocktail scene again!

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MixMaster said:

There's that Plymouth Gin again. This is one of those cocktails that you see a "Limit Two per Customer" rule on the drink menu.

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JakJericho said:

This is the second or third time that I can remember a vodka/gin combo cocktail here on SMD. I have not tried the Plymouth Gin yet, but I'm sure the six ounces of booze in this thing, regardless of brand, will knock your socks off.

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Bartender said:

Powerful. I must try it.