Drambuie (Neat)

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Added on: Feb 1 2011

Drambuie (Neat)

Ingredients needed to make a Drambuie (Neat)

2 oz Drambuie

Drambuie (Neat) Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pour Drambuie into a snifter and warm it in your hands as you would cognac.

Bartender's Notes

A sweet way to warm your bones during ANOTHER New England snow storm.

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Latest Comments about Drambuie (Neat)

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MixMaster said:

Perfect every time. Cool photo.

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tedvilla said:

Lots of warm, brown, classic, comfort drinks up here in the wake of the nasty weather. Love it!

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ForrestFrazier said:

I think this might be on my list for an apres shovel cocktail.

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RaeRaeK said:

gotta love the "Buie"