Dark n' Stormy

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Added on: Nov 22 2010

Dark n' Stormy

Ingredients needed to make a Dark n' Stormy

3 oz Black or Dark Rum
4-5 oz Ginger Beer
Dash of Agnostura Bitters
Lemon Wedge

Dark n' Stormy Cocktail Recipe Directions

In a tall glass, add a good amount of ice. Pour in rum then add bitters and stir well. Squeeze in lemon, then top with ginger beer and stir gently.

MixMaster's Notes

I like these during the warmer months, but I found a can of ginger beer in the back of the fridge and couldn't help myself.

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Latest Comments about Dark n' Stormy

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winocat said:

Great in the summer because you can make 'em big and cold. Also great because they usher in the warm baking-spice flavors of fall.

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chickenwizard said:

This is great! Got a ginger beer in the fridge myself. Gonna go make one

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Lizziemonster said:

I always think of these as being a fall drink. Probably because it was autumn the first time I ever had one. Either way, I like 'em!

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tedvilla said:

Big fan of dark and stormys -- it was the house summer cocktail in 2009. I've still got a few cans of Barret's Ginger beer kicking around, but alas, am low on the black rum. A blast of summer in November, nicely played.

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MixMaster said:

That's homemade corn chowder in the background, topped with crispy "real" bacon pieces. Nice combination with the cocktail. -MixMaster