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Ingredients needed to make a Cusquena

Peruvian beer in an 11.2 ozs bottle

Cusquena Cocktail Recipe Directions

Order pour & enjoy

tedvilla's Notes

This is supposedly the most popular beer in Peru. I tried it at a place in W Hartford. It was tasty but not exceptional, a typical lager style beer. The bottle is cool though. At the bottom the glass is shaped to look the walls the mayans built at machu pichu.

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JakJericho said:

I went to a Mexican restaurant last night in Braintree, MA. I showed him this upload and he said he has had it several times and that it IS very popular in South and Latin America. He even knows a place around Boston where it can be obtained.

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MixMaster said:

Looks fancy. Is it a dark lager or just the glass color?

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BrewGuru said:

I saw this stuff in a cold case at a "Brazilian Store". You'd think it was made by Goya. Other than the rarity factor, if @tedvilla says it's "typical lager", then I'd rather spend my $$ on a better option. Welcome back Ted. I've actually been on the down low for a bit too.

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tedvilla said:

Feels good to be back on SMD. I've been a boring non-participant. I've got a backlog a mile long!