Coconut & Pinapple

Added by: LizzieMonaghan
Added on: Feb 18 2012

Coconut & Pinapple

Ingredients needed to make a Coconut & Pinapple

Coconut tequila
pineapple juice

Coconut & Pinapple Cocktail Recipe Directions

Equal parts over ice

LizzieMonaghan's Notes

Enjoyable. Got a sample at the store and wanted more!

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Latest Comments about Coconut & Pinapple

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MixMaster said:

A dry coconut rimmer would be perfect.

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Bartender said:

I'm sure Michael Imperioli will be pushing this stuff during prime time very soon. Sounds fantastic. I love the picture too.

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Lizziemonster said:

Wow coconut tequila. That sounds good.

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LizzieMonaghan said:

Yes, it's new. The store owner said he just got it in. We fished the bottle it was so good. We'll have to get more soon!

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ForrestFrazier said:

I've never seen that tequila before, is it new?