Cilantro Gimlet

Added by: barkeep
Added on: May 28 2011

Cilantro Gimlet

Ingredients needed to make a Cilantro Gimlet

2.5 oz Hendricks gin
.75 oz lime
.75 oz simple syrup
splash of cointreau
10 cilantro leaves

Cilantro Gimlet Cocktail Recipe Directions

In a shaker, lightly muddle 9 cilantro leafs, simple syrup and lime.
Add gin and cointreau.
Shake with ice until cold.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with remaining cilantro leaf.

barkeep's Notes

I double strain this, once through the shaker and into a bar strainer to capture any muddled bits.

Warning, this is strong, botanical and earthly /organic. It's not for everyone but it is crisp and refreshingly intoxicating.

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Latest Comments about Cilantro Gimlet

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ForrestFrazier said:

Outstanding! This has a very strong herb flavor. I wasn't expecting such a delicate cocktail to be so "in your face".

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MixMaster said:

Just WOW. Picture-10, Ingredients-10, Originality-10

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Bartender said:

Ah my friend, this is a novel concoction! Fabulous picture and top notch ingredients. You can see just how ice cold it is. Great gin contribution.

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JakJericho said:

I love the opaque look. I bet this catches you off guard if you try more than one. Nice picture.