Captain and Coke

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Added on: May 6 2011

Captain and Coke

Ingredients needed to make a Captain and Coke

1 jigger Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
2 jiggers Coke Cola

Captain and Coke Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix ingredients over a glass full of ice. Squeeze lime over all, toss it in and enjoy!

Sarah Anne Frazier Pompeo's Notes

An oldie but goodie. Always reliable!

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Tablebeeps said:

What are there 15 limes in there?

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barkeep said:

This drink derives from the classic "Cuba Libre" which uses white rum. While popular legend says that it was invented during the Spanish-American War by Teddy Roosevelt, a more plausible explanation is it was created in Havana during the spring of 1900 commemorating Cuba's freedom from Spain.