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Ingredients needed to make a Caipirinha

2 Parts Cachaca (Brazilian Rum)
1 Part Fresh Lime Juice
1 Sugar cube
Fresh, clear, cold ice

Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe Directions

Add sugar cube, add fresh lime juice, dissolve, crush with muddler if needed, add in ice and cachaca, stir vigorously, serve.

JRCXNY's Notes

Classic and International Cocktail of Brazil, only appropriate for Carnaval... Pitu cachaca, distilled from sugar cane (technically making it a rum) is the most popular but you have other brands like Ypioca, and the "refined" Leblon luxury brand, but remember Cachaca is harsh, and should be offset with sugar and juice... we don't need to smooth out cachaca any more than we need to smooth out single malt whiskey, its part of the experience, you need that "bite" to experience the true nature of this spirit.

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JRCXNY said:

PS - When you see the shrimp on the bottle label, do not be afraid, this is NOT distilled from shrimp (although you will see bottles of cachaca with peppers, eels, lizards, other small insects (like the worm at the bottom of the bottle of tequila)... no shrimp were harmed and/or used in the making of this spirit! For Brazilians, eating fresh shrimp while drinking a caipirinha on the beach is like going to the movies and having popcorn or going to a baseball game and having a hotdog - its part of the experience... one goes with the other as part of it, otherwise you don't get the full experience!

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JRCXNY said:

Silver or light rum will be much smoother, but then it would be a Daiquiri made famous by Hemingway when he was living/writing in Key West, Florida. You can find the lime as any major part of your simplest but classic cocktails by many names:

Daiquiri: Lime Juice & Rum
Caiparinha: Lime Juice & Cachaca
Gimlet: Lime Juice & Gin (or vodka)
Margarita: Lime Juice & Tequila
Mojito: Lime Juice, Rum, Crushed mint leaves

For your darker liquors, use lemon for:
Whiskey Sour: Lemon Juice & Whiskey
Amaretto Sour: Lemon Juice & Amaretto
Pisco Sour: Lemon Juice & Pisco
(etc etc).

Basically, when ANY recipe calls for "sweet & sour mix" instantly replace it with fresh lemon and/or lime juice... far better, far tastier, far more authentic.

"Simplicity is a sign of perfection"

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MixMaster said:

Nice explanation. I have a Puerto Rican Silver rum that I could use to make this one.

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Bartender said:

Mojito without the mint. I love your international flair!