Burning Crusade

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Added on: Apr 14 2010

Burning Crusade

Ingredients needed to make a Burning Crusade

3/4 Pint Boddington’s Pub Ale (or similar English Pale Ale
1/2 pony (shot) DiSaranno Amaretto (or equivalent)
1/2 pony (shot)Jameson Irish Whiskey (or equivalent)
Bacardi 151 (or equivalent over-proof rum)

Burning Crusade Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pour 3/4 pint ale into glass. Mix Amaretto and Jameson in shot glass. Float Bacardi 151 on top, being careful not to mix. Ignite 151 and and gently drop it into the 3/4 pint of ale. Enjoy!

bryceerwin's Notes

An Awesome shooter. Note: Flaming drinks can be extremely hazardous. The flame from igniting alcohol is often bright blue and sometimes invisible. Do NOT attempt to pour the drink into the beer as burning alcohol will spread like liquid fire and act like napalm and set your world ablaze. This would ruin your drinking fun, and would not be good.

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barkeep said:

I cant believe this is still the only flaming shot on SMD. Time to get cooking I guess.

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JakJericho said:

Great picture. The drink sounds intriguing. I have all the ingredients. Might be worth a try.

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ForrestFrazier said:

It sounds similar to a flaming car bomb. I'm interested but can't do the Amaretto. Looks great.