Brass Monkey

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Added on: Aug 26 2010

Brass Monkey

Ingredients needed to make a Brass Monkey

1 oz Vodka (Sobieski for me)
1 oz Rum (Trader Vic's Spiced)
3-4 oz Orange Juice

Brass Monkey Cocktail Recipe Directions

Add liquors to a rocks glass 1/3 full of ice.
Stir in orange juice.

JakJericho's Notes

This drink precedes the Beastie Boys by more than a decade or two!

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barkeep said:

I think back then I was still drinking schlitz!

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Bartender said:

I love these 1970's legacy cocktails. Reminds me of party days gone by, listening to Sly and the Family Stone, while munching on deviled-eggs and dipping into the cheese fondue. Back then though, it was Wolfschmidt Vodka and Golden Diamond Rum.