Blaster (CK style)

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Added on: May 2 2010

Blaster (CK style)

Ingredients needed to make a Blaster (CK style)

Red Bull
ice (optional)
bendy straw (optional)

Blaster (CK style) Cocktail Recipe Directions

Find the biggest glass/cup/vessel that you can. Put in however much ice you want (fun fact: less ice = more Jäger!). Pour in as much Jäger as desired (more Jäger = more fun!), and top off with Red Bull. Stick a bendy straw in it if you're having trouble with hand-eye coordination. Enjoy!

ckbomb's Notes

A great way to start out the night!

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JakJericho said:

If they only had Red Bull when I was 19 and pounding Jagermeister like it was going into extinction!! Now I only drink Jager when I have the flu. "what a drag it is getting older" -Mick Jagger

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Lizziemonster said:

Whoa, Jäger & Red Bull is like an interesting combo. Sounds like "hate juice" (vodka & Red Bull) times ten!

And doesn't a bendy straw just make EVERY drink fun? :P

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ckbomb said:

BTW I am currently using a bendy straw.