Basil Smash (gin)

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Added on: Aug 17 2012

Basil Smash (gin)

Ingredients needed to make a Basil Smash (gin)

1 Bunch Fresh Basil
1/2 Lemon (cut in to quarters)
2/3 oz Simple Syrup
3 oz Hendrick's Gin

Basil Smash (gin) Cocktail Recipe Directions

1. Add the basil and quartered lemon half into a cocktail shaker.
2. Muddle the lemon and the basil really well so that the basil is bruised and all of the lemon juice and pulp comes away from the skin.
3. Add the simple syrup to the mixture.
4. Fill the shaker with ice and add the gin. Shake vigorously until very cold, or until you can’t hold on to the shaker any more.
5. Double strain into a rocks glass.
6. Add ice.
7. Garnish with with a basil leaf.

ckbomb's Notes

I saw this on a cocktail menu recently, and decided to try to make it at home. The recipe came from (weird name for a website, but killer recipe!). Strong and summery!

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