Balvenie Carribean Cask

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Added on: Jun 7 2011

Balvenie Carribean Cask

Ingredients needed to make a Balvenie Carribean Cask

1 ice cube
3 fingers of scotch

Balvenie Carribean Cask Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pour. Drink. Enjoy.

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Perfect night for an outdoor beverage.

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Bartender said:

I enjoy how "fingers" have become a serious form of liquid measurement. I appreciate the background on the differences between the Rum and Caribbean Casks. Bravo.

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ForrestFrazier said:

The rum cask is from Cuban casks. The Caribbean cask is from non Cuban rum casks. Tastes quite similar at a fraction of the cost.

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MixMaster said:

Great profile pic. Balvenie is truly high-end stuff. I've seen their Rum Cask, though not this Caribbean version. I'm going for a scotch in your honor. Upload to follow. -MM