Bacon Martini

Added by: ForrestFrazier
Added on: Mar 10 2011

Bacon Martini

Ingredients needed to make a Bacon Martini

3oz bacon infused vodka
1/2oz dry vermouth
1 blue cheese stuffed olive

Bacon Martini Cocktail Recipe Directions

In a shaker with ice add bacon vodka and vermouth.
Shake the hell out of it. (It's going to be cloudy anyway.)
Pour into martini glass.
Garnish with olive.

ForrestFrazier's Notes

To make bacon infused vodka you can either fat wash the vodka (see my Bacon Old Fashioned) or put 5 slices of crispy cooked smokey bacon into a bottle of vodka and come back in a week.

I stuffed the olive myself and used Stilton the king of blue cheese. The bacon and cheese are perfect together.

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thefreeartist said:

mmmm....bacon. I'll try anything with bacon.

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chickenwizard said:

There was a huge nightclub in Vegas in the 90's called "Drink". One of the 5 bars was only infused vodkas of just about any flavor. Including an Atomic Fire Ball infused vodka.

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tedvilla said:

I've got some ginger infused vodka, that I made I'm going to try and do something with it this weekend. This seems pretty good, I'll have to try it.

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Lizziemonster said:

umm...not so sure on this one. But I like the photo!