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Ingredients needed to make a Antarctica

Beer from Brazil... just serve ice cold and pour into a glass.. the colder the better, remember, its Brazil, even if its frozen, if you are drinking on a Brazilian beach in the north near the equator, you can go from frozen solid to hot in less than 10 mins!

Antarctica Cocktail Recipe Directions

Served ice cold in large bottles, share with a friend in glasses.

JRCXNY's Notes

Many beer companies say to serve around 60F. But if you have ever been on a beach in Brazil, especially in the north where you are closest to the equator, it needs to be icy cold. Brazilians like their beer icy cold, because it does not stay icy for more then a few minutes... crisp, light beers work better in this climate... Corona comes close, Antarctica I cannot find in USA, and Brahma isn't very good... its like Budweiser, I just don't like the taste, beer of this type should be light and crisp.

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JRCXNY said:

Thanx for the tip... I should have had my friend pick up a case for me since he recently drove to Florida :(

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ForrestFrazier said:

I haven't seen Antarctica in the Northeast but this is readily available down in Miami.