Allagash White

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Added on: Apr 26 2011

Allagash White

Ingredients needed to make a Allagash White

Glass of white beer

Allagash White Cocktail Recipe Directions

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tedvilla's Notes

I'd never had this beer, and ordered it sight unseen. It is an unfiltered heffeweisen from what I can see and taste and it was somehow perfect on a mild night, in W. Hartford, CT.

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tedvilla said:

@bartender Allagash is from Allagash Brewery in Portland, ME. I drank it at Plan B Burgers. The lighting was obviously better in this than the Dale's, and the Dale's was my ham-handed effort to remove a huge highlight from the's all about the lighting.

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Bartender said:

I love the name. Where is it from? It certainly looks better than your previous upload. Keep it coming.

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JakJericho said:

I've have that beer a couple of times. It's cloudy to look at, but tastes great.