Allagash Black Belgian Stout

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Added on: Jan 6 2011

Allagash Black Belgian Stout

Ingredients needed to make a Allagash Black Belgian Stout

Bottle and a goblet style glass.

Allagash Black Belgian Stout Cocktail Recipe Directions

poor slowly and serve at 55 degrees or slightly above.

chris's Notes

I had seen this around for a while , and being a fan of both Belgian style ales and stouts, I had to try it. A sweet malty stout with hints of both chocolate and coffee. It's sort of an odd one to classify in all honesty; at times having the sweet flavorful characteristics of a quality Belgian, while also having the heartiness of a good stout. Also, at 10% alcohol it packs a serious punch. Once again highly recommended

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JakJericho said:

This is really up my alley. I've seen it before and hope to again. I like a hearty stout. 10% a.b.v. doesn't hurt either.