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Citrus Martini
Added by sausee

"Very good cocktail !

Pleasant acidity and Orange bitters give some nice orange taste."

Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards Pinot Noir 2002
Added by tedvilla

"Dug deep in my wone closet and pulled out this beauty. A gift from a friend its held up really well -- which makes sense since its pinot the noble grape of burgundy and they can cellar. Why drink an 11 year old wine tonight? Mardi Gras... Permitez le bons temps roulez! "

Avery Brewing Ellies Brown Ale
Added by tedvilla

"I like this my wife doesn't. Very chocolate and coffee flavored and rich. Not your typical off-dry brown ale. This is from Boulder CO. Its worth a try, but not cheap at $12/six pack."

Karbach Brewing Sympathy for The Lager
Added by tedvilla

"Karbach is a Houston TX based brewery. This ia the only kf their beers that i tried and its good. A very complex surprisingly hoppy lager. Maybe its the Germanic heritage of Texas but they've got some of the most interesting lagers I've tasted... While most microbrwers so ales and pale ales Texans are doing sone interesting, different stuff. Worth a try. This image was taken at the salt lick in driftwood tx."